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Rotarian-Rotaractor Mentorship

This program is a collaborative effort between our Rotaract club and Rotary clubs in our area. Rotaractor mentees will be paired with Rotarians who are passionate about your career path and service interests! Mentorship pairings are very independent- you and your mentor will define what you’d like from the partnership. You decide how to communicate and what you’ll do– the only requirement is that you maintain communication.

This is a great opportunity to learn from a Rotarian about their career or about their journey through Rotary.

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Rotaractor-Rotaractor Mentorship

​This program is all about service and socialization. This is a great opportunity to make closer connections within the club! Mentorship groups will also have the opportunity to plan a club event through mentorship projects.

Groups are made based on field of study, service interests, and intent (friendship versus career advice versus service development). This year, you’re able to meet the mentee/mentor pool and choose the group that best serve your interests and goals through mentorship speed-dating


If you are interested in developing projects based on your specific values, we recommend that you look at our committees. Participating in a committee is a good way to get leadership experience within the club!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity: Rotaract believes in creating an equitable space for every person from all walks of life. The DEI committee works to promote events and spread awareness of injustice, cultural celebrations, and underrepresented communities.

Robot: Affectionately named for the robot-like trophy delivered to the highest donor, this committee works with Project Healing Waters and local Rotary clubs to fund fly fishing and camping trips for veterans.

Mentorship: This committee is the one that pairs up mentees with mentors. Aside from pairing, the mentorship committee is in charge of keeping track of everyone’s mentorship projects and make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Retreat: Near the end of each semester, we like to go on a retreat as a club to take a small break from the stress of college. The retreat committee is in charge of planning these retreats – from the to the activities to the expenditures.

International: This committee works with international Rotaract and Rotary clubs to facilitate service projects and workshops on a global scale!

If any of these committees interests you, contact Dora, Valeria, or Jules on our Slack!