How to Join

Within this part of the Rotary family, you have a chance to make an impact on your community, build your network, develop leadership skills, and just have fun with all it has to offer! As an ASU Rotaract member, you have the opportunity to make new friends, grow as a local leader, participate in service, and make a difference in a way that you’re passionate about.

1. Check Out SunDevilSync

SunDevilSync is the ASU platform used to find events, clubs, and more! Join Rotaract at ASU to be added to our newsletter packed with Rotary tidbits and upcoming opportunities.

2. Join Our Slack

Slack is a fantastic organizational tool that we use as our main form of communication for events and updates. Join committee channels, check out pictures from recent happenings, and interact with fellow ASU Rotaractors!

Steps to joining our Slack:
1. Download the Slack app (on your phone or computer)
2. Click this link:
3. Follow the instructions to create an account
​(Make sure your display name is what people call you!)

Check out #members for upcoming service opportunities, #newsletter to see the latest updates on club and community activities, and #random for casual conversation with your fellow members! These channels and others are the best bet for connecting with ASU Rotaractors and jumping into service.

3. Become an Active Member

There are two steps to becoming an active member: earning 12 or more points by attending our bi-weekly meetings, socials, and service events and paying our membership fee, $25 per year or $15 per semester. This fee includes our yearly t-shirt and helps us pay for all of the wonderful programming we put on throughout the year, including mentorship and socials! Active members are inducted at the end of each semester (and celebrated for their involvement in the community!).

Dues can be paid via our online shop.